Thursday, October 05, 2006

We’ve seen how much we spend each day on the war in Iraq, at almost three hundred million dollars, that is a lot of money. You can watch the dollars fly at this website. We spend that much for the country as a whole—you can look at what your state is spending. Or you could determine what we could be spending the money on if we weren’t spending it on the Iraq War. We are talking about costs at the present levels of expenditure, but the costs for the war just keep going up and up. The cost of the Iraq War is surpassing that of Korea or Vietnam to become the second most costly in our country’s history. Leading economists predict that the total costs to the United States economy could be between one and two trillion dollars, and pre-war estimates of $100-$200 billion dollars were laughed off by the Bush administration as being exorbitantly high. The estimated two trillion dollar cost is often mentioned in the foreign press, but doesn’t get much notice in the United States. The US has built the greatest economy (and military to guard it) the world has known. However, all empires get to the point where they spend so much money making war that they lose their power, influence and wealth and are no longer the leading country they once were. The Iraq War could do just that to the United States.